Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trastorno Reunion Party June 2, 2011 Movida Spanish New Wave

presents Trastorno, Spanish International music event, where Spanish alternative, Independent, music is played. This night has a focus on music from the early 80's Madrid Spain Scene, known as La Movida Madrileña, as well as Post Punk, Glam Rock and Electro Pop all in Spanish. A lot of Spanish New Wave. This special Metropoli event took place between Sept 2009 and Sept. 2010, ending with a special Anniversary and Goodbye event.

This month we are celebrating a special Re-union including lots of Alaska y los Pegamoides hits! Alaska the avant guard queen of the so called Movida {Madrilean Movement} from the 80's has given us hit after hit throughout her different groups, you can enjoy most of them at our monthly celebration! Alongside hits by Paralisis Permanenete, Almodavoar & Mcnamara, Azul y Negro, Radio Futura, Zombies and other groups of the early 80's.

We are also celebrating Carlos Metropoli's Birthday and going away to Mexico City where he will present a "TRASTORNO" dj set at a special "Movida Madrilena" event on June 11th.

Resident dj's and music selector:

Fancy Guey, La Muy Muy, and Selector Vox

playing favorite tunes all night.

This event will showcase two spanish local punk bands with a couple surprise Movida Covers.

Bands are:



Generacion Suicida

2 films screening:

Pepi Luci Bom, Almodovars 1st long length movie, with special appearance by Alaska herself as a young teenager, and

El Calentito a modern day revival of what La Movida was all about.

Event Page:

No Cover event!

June 2 2011

Mountain Bar

473 Gin Ling Way Los Angeles CA 90012

its down broadway st. in the heart of chinatown




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